Words Are Thoughts and Thoughts are Everything

Carpe Diem

That whole thing about, “as a man thinketh so is he” sounds pretty until you really think about what goes on in your head during moments when you are freaked out, angry, suspicious, afraid, or otherwise discombobulated in the brain.

Though you may blame other people for your mental reactions, or circumstances for your current train of thought, the motions of your mind are yours alone. Your mental words like your vocal words are your responsibility. They are of your making, or inviting, or allowing.

Your thoughts are what form you, so be careful with what you invite into your mind. The words you read, the words you listen to, and the words you say. Fill your head with that which you want to see resonated in your world, for sooner or later, you and your world will be that which your thoughts have created.

Words are thoughts and thoughts are everything.