All is Ephemeral— This too Shall Pass




No matter where you are at this moment. Whether you are basking in the heights of glory or trudging through the depths of despair— remember that all is ephemeral and this too shall pass.

I don’t wear rings often and not being used to having things around my fingers, I constantly play with them when I do.

While twisting a ring I had on the other day, that completely out-of-commission custom of tying a string around the finger to remember something came to mind. My constant finagling of the ring could be a good reminder if I could link it to something worth remembering.

With that in mind, I went on a hunt for a good version of the ring of Solomon, in time, I found a good one. I showed a picture to my brother for a second opinion.

Why do you want the ring of Solomon? Said he.

Just to have the ”this too shall pass” reminder. Like when I’m going through something stupid and it feels like it will never end.

He thought about it. “Yeah, that makes sense.”

Several days later.

I just did something that took all the courage I could muster. I kept putting the thing off because it would set off a trail of events— all things I did not want to deal with. But in a state of resolution, I did it. Now, I’m about to take the next step in the trail of consequences.

Trying to get composed before heading out. I make tea. I sit down. It’s too hot. I get up. Pace back and forth. The same brother appears. Sits down. I explain what I am about to do. I walk back to my tea. Leave again. Come back again.

He hangs out for a bit, then walks off saying something. I miss the first part, only catching the tail end of his sentence. Four words,

“This too shall pass.” Said he.

Being wrapped up in how much all of this sucks, I had forgotten that which I wanted to remember. No matter what I face right now, the moment is transitory and on the other side of misery is happiness. I didn’t have the ring yet, but I got the reminder.  My circumstances had not changed, but my perception of them did. No matter what this moment brings, it too shall pass.