I shut this blog down for a few years. But whenever someone mentioned "The Russian" I felt remorse for killing it. Now, it's back. I'm using it to mark moments in life when epiphany strikes. Not just problems solved, but life principles revealed. You know the instances when something in life begins to really make sense? It's like a refreshing rush of cold blood to the head. Those moments sometimes make good stories and I hope mine strike a chord with you.

My name is Alesya (if you can’t figure out how to pronounce it, listen to this song and my name will remain ingrained in your mind forever). I was born in Ukraine, moved to the States at a young age, grew up on the West Coast, then moved to the East Coast, then back to the West Coast. Now I live in Florida. I studied literature at the University of South Florida, then briefly studied Writing at Portland State.

So glad to meet you!

Alesya Izoita